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Super Magnetic Adsorption GPS Locator Minicar Mini Car GPS Tracker Bike Wireless Tracker Pet Locator for Children and Elderly








Pre-use preparation
Check whether the model of the equipment is correct and the accessories are complete.
Select SIM card of GSM network, refer to the opinions of distributors. (Shut down before loading)
SIM card needs to open GPRS function and call display function.
App Client is installed on the mobile phone. Client details can be inquired about by your distributor.
II. Product Function
Multiple Positioning Mode: GPS + AGPS + LBS
Global Universal GSM+GPRS Four Frequency System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Automatic Time Update: GPS Timing Accurate, No Manual Time Adjustment
Location query: you can search the user\'s specific location through mobile app or computer
Electronic fence: Set up an area on the map with equipment as the center, and give an alarm immediately when entering or leaving the area.
History Track: Search the device\'s running track anytime, anywhere in three months
SOS Call for Rescue: In case of emergency, press the SOS key, that is, to send a call and information to the guardian for help.
Anti-interference mode: Setting the non-interference time range through the guardian\'s mobile phone APP, shielding voice and incoming calls by the device
Remote pickup: A highly sensitive microphone that listens to the sound around the device in real time when the user is in an emergency.
Remote shutdown: Device shutdown function can be realized by guardian cell phone APP
Remote restart: Device restart function can be realized through Guardian cell phone APP
Intelligent Power Saving: Set the time range through the guardian cell phone APP, turn off/turn on GPS and data upload









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