Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Suit Glow Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Free Add High Quality Headphones

Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Suit Glow Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Free Add High Quality Headphones
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Video Link  :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OeJR4aDCk8&t=7s


                      Descriptions :
                     The clothing is made by LED5050 paster with 12 V power supply, you can
                     choose a single color from red, yellow, white, green, blue, etc, or program
                     colorful color through controller to design different patterns, such as gradient
                     color, explosion flashing, flashing, slowly flashing, even combine all of that,
                     then program the effect into the SD card and implant it to the clothing
                     through software we developed
                    Note : due to manual measurement, hard to avoid some error size is cm and
                                 inches (parentheses) size, only supplies the reference
              Note: the following power supply instructions are for reference only, 
                 and not all offer, details please contact customer service online
            power : Lithium battery: 12 v / 12 v / 3000 ma - 6000 ma(the amount 
                                            of power and depending on the lightdesig effect) V 
                               battery box:can be installed 8-16  cell(the amount of  power and
                             dependingon the light design effect)
Description : light-emitting products of the company there 
               are two power supply mode
                         1.Use rechargeable lithium batteries
2.Use v battery box
     Tip: the specific details, please see the packing instruction
 The environment
Avoid the use of fiber optics products in dust and high humidity,
high temperature and pollution environment.Assure 
ventilated, moisture-proof and waterproof, 
avoidextrusion during thetransit.Avoid
 direct exposureto uv radiation 
and high energy 
rays use of fiber optic products.Avoid the product together and
plasticizer or polymer plasticizer,Plasticizer could be
 transferred tothe product surface, lead to severe 
lower optics.Products shouldbe affected by the
 organic compounds, including benzene, 
acetone, ethyl acetateThinner, gasoline, etc.
About washing: light-emitting products should not 
touch the water, if there is stain on the clothes,Local use wet cloth to 
wipe, can avoid circuit into the water.
Clothes when not in use please use hangers to hang up
Turn off the power and take out the battery.
                     Question 1: the first use of LED clothes, connected to the battery,  
                     the clothes do not light?
                     Reason 1: battery no electricity or less. Reason  
                     2: clothes on the power switch is not turned on. Reason  
                     3: controller and clothes to loose or fall off    
                     (check if the  controller in the clothes
                     pocket is properly connected to the clothes)  
                     Question 2: some bright lights of the clothes?  
                     Reasons 1 : the controller is connected with the clothes    
                     the place is  not properly connected. Reasons  
                     2 : the line fault, please check carefully. Reasons
                     3 : local light damage, please check carefully.
                     Question 3: the use of remote control without reaction? 
                     Reason 1: remote control did not install the battery,    
                     when the  button is pressed to see whether the  
                     red indicator light on the  remote control. Reason  
                     2: remote control antenna not pulled out Reason
                     3: remote control is blocked, unable
                     to transmit the signal. Reason
                          4:LED clothes on the lack of battery power,  
                     resulting in a  remote control signal can not be received.
                     Question 4: after receiving the clothes, how to let the  
                     clothes light up? Operation steps: Step    
                                      1: take out the clothes, the clothes are neatly classified,  
                     check  whether the accessories are complete, such as the
                     controller in the  pocket of clothes, remote control, etc. Step    
                     2: check whether the controller in your pocket is connected to  
                     your clothes. Step
                     3: plug clothes and trousers or headdress connected    
                     each other. Step        
                     4: connect the controller in your pocket to the battery. Step
                     5: open the clothes manufacturer\'s power switch, the  
                     clothes  will shine.
                                      s   tep 6: if there is a remote     
                     control, you can use the remote control.







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