Pink panny juice extractor, large mouth fruit juice automatic fruit and vegetable juicer multi function juicer machine

Pink panny juice extractor, large mouth fruit juice automatic fruit and vegetable juicer multi function juicer machine
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 Advantages :

• higher juice yield and less waste 
juice is extracted through the first cleavage stage and again in the compression stage before the pulp is discharged, resulting in more juice and dry pulp. 
• low noise level 
noise to minimize slowly pushing action rather than high-speed grinding a typical centrifugal juicers. 
• Easy to clean system and Szabo Free Design 
Spinning brush is inside the bowl, which cleans the surface, and juices. This not only prevents the flesh from clogging but reduces cleaning time significantly. Just rinse with water in between juices and gently scrub at the end. 
• Universal juices 
Juices of fruits, vegetables, greens and wheatgrass and also makes nut milk. hh-premium series also makes smoothies, slushies, mixed drinks, baby food, puree, pulp and control meter allows you to make juice with as much or as little of the pulp that you Desire. 
• Convenient for children 
without a sharp blade makes it safe for kids to use it! 

This creates the most nutritionally potent juice you can do at home with up to 5 times more than the living enzymes and nutrients. It is much better for your health and vitality, so that many Doctors recommend cold-pressed juices for all types of health problems, including cancer. 

Due to the cold extraction process, you will make the juice, which is far superior, healthy and fresh, with more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, minimum foaming and foam, and virtually none of the separation of juice
by Common juicer.
In cold-pressed juice extractor can provide up to an amazing 35% more juice than regular juicers, saving time and money. But most strikingly, hurom cold-pressed juice taste super delicious! You do not want to drink the juice from conventional juicers ever.
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